Gay Men Are Not Collectible Dolls and Do Not Owe You a Stereotype

sex and the city carrie bradshaw stanford blatch

Sex and the City

Check out my recent article for, in which I discuss the recent Tesco inflatable gay best friend doll debacle and the phenomenon of gay men being treated as ‘must-have’ accessories.

Here’s an excerpt: “It’s been well documented that “Sex and the City” has given many people – especially women – unrealistic, fantastical expectations of men, relationships and unbridled consumerism. But what we don’t talk about enough is how the commodity fetishism of that show extended beyond the acquisition of Manolo Blahnik’s to the must-have accessory of the Gay Best Friend. 

Suddenly, women had to have a gay best friend; I’m sorry, but we don’t owe you a stereotype.”

You can read the full article here, and let me know what you think!


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